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Welcome to the first of our posts where we take a look at people and businesses that we believe are living the Ninepin ethos.

Adventureman Dan

 Adventureman Dan is my persona of a pure, unrestricted, unadulterated and uncompromising spirit to journey out into the world, collecting experiences and stories to share with the world. 

In 2015 I found my life at a major cross roads. Completely confused and unsure what direction I was going or why. So I decided to forge my own path. Only the desire for adventure as my motivation.With a GoPro attached to my speargun and a Nikon camera slung over my back. I set out for an around the world adventure. With the newly fashioned name “Adventureman Dan” I embarked on what was suppose to be a six month backpacking trip around the world. This adventure quickly turned in an “Around the World Spearfishing Tour”. And like every single adventure that would follow. Did not go according to plan. What was suppose to be 180 days turned into this –

  • 377 days traveling Westward around the world. 
  • Traveled some 55,000 mi+ /88,000 km+ zig zagging Westward around the globe.
  • Passed 9 “random” explosive particle security checks and “failed” 1.
  • Dove with 50+ legendary divers off 20+ boats.
  • Took 20 flights and 37 buses. 
  • Paid and published for my photos and stories in several magazines. 
  • Consumed around 106 lbs. of raw fish and 93 lbs cooked.
  • Speared 30+ new species with many overall personal bests.
  • Dove with 2 more Great Whites.

Months before flying back to end that tour, I realized I was forever changed. I could not look at the world the same way. My perception of what’s normal no longer resembled anything I had known before. But I now knew what fulfilled me. So months before returning to the US I began working on the next adventure. In the following years this cycle would very much repeat itself. On one adventure but already planning for the next. Always looking forward to what might lay beyond the horizon.

“The continuous pursuit of a boundless life authentically traveling around the world. Exploring, experiencing and growing through my shared journeys and mistakes made along the way. With the hope it will inspire others to set off on their own adventures.”

Follow the links to join Adventureman Dan as he explores the world!

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