2020 Guide to Spearfishing Wetsuits

2020 Guide to Spearfishing Wetsuits

Have you reached the point in your spearfishing vocation where you are looking for your perfect wetsuit? Words such as “plain skin” or “transparent cell” can be confusing when you look at local spearfishing stores or explore the internet.

Which fabrics and types will best meet your demands and how should you select the thickness of the suit or whether you should go for a regular size or the tailored suit? What should be the opacity? Whether you should go for freediving, surfing or spearfishing wetsuit or are they the same or quite different?

In today’s article, we are going to explain everything that you need to know about wetsuits and what you should look for before buying one.

When it is about spearfishing there can be a large discrepancy in cost, value and aptness.  There are a small number of critical essentials to keep in mind when considering your first spearfishing wetsuit.

Buying your first wetsuit? Here’s your checklist;

Identify where you’ll be spearfishing

First of all, you have to be familiar with the area’s temperature zones where you will be spearfishing.

For example, many people spearfishing in Queensland buy a 3-millimetre wetsuit or possibly not wear one at all, without having any idea about the varying temperatures of the area you may be left with an unusable suit.

A state of physical ease is an important element during spearfishing. If you are cold while spearing you will not be comfortable and unable to lower your heart rate, but when you’re hot you lose a lot of body fluids through sweating, which can sometimes cause dehydration and also be really uncomfortable.

So you have to choose a spearfishing wetsuit for the circumstances in which you are going to dive. For instance, anybody who lives near the equator should go with a 1.5 mm wetsuit across the year.

But to Australian residents, we would advise that they should buy two suits, which will go with them in their neighborhood throughout the year. For the hotter months a 3mm suit and for colder seasons a 5mm wetsuit. While some in the colder areas will opt for a 7mm this requires a fair degree of weight to assist with decent and is also very inflexible.

Free diving in deep water
Free diving in deep water

Thickness of the Spearfishing wetsuit

The thickness of the wetsuit will vary according to the temperature of the water in which you are spearfishing and the duration that you stay in the water for..

For example, if you’re diving off a boat you’ll spend less time in the water, therefore it is crucial to have a wetsuit that doesn’t make you uncomfortable with either being too hot or too cold.

  • 1 to 1.5millimeter wetsuits are normally acceptable for hot waters.
  • With colder temperature 3mm to 5mm or even 7mm in very cold waters or longer dives.

Ensure that the mentioned opacity, thickness and size is kept in mind while searching for any spearfishing Suit.

Make sure to remember while selecting the thickness of the wetsuit that you select the thinnest outfit which will keep you temperate but does not make you have to carry much unnecessary weight and reduce your flexibility to begin your spearfishing.

The difference between Scuba diving, Surfing and Spearfishing Wetsuits?

  • Spearfishing and Freediving wetsuitsare usually an open cell wetsuit with an exterior lining.  It provides the flexibility and warmth of being open cell but also has durability against abrasions. Our Ninepin wetsuits are of this configuration as it is important to us that your wetsuit has a longer life which is better for your wallet and the environment. If you want a combination of spearfishing and freediving performance and durability, this is the type of wetsuit for you.

Your spearfishing wetsuit will make you buoyant, keep you warm and provide some form of protection from external elements like rocks, reefs and even some fish.

  • Scuba diving is mainly done for the attraction of the unattainable undersea world.  It is one area of nature that mankind has not been able to fully control, we simply are not able to breathe underwater for too long.  Hence, scuba diving gives us an opportunity to be in that underwater world.

Wetsuits for scuba diving can vary quite a bit. Again, this will determine in what kind of water you are diving in and the temperatures. However dry suits and semi dry suits are quite common. Dry suits can be made from fabric or Neoprene and insulate the body by maintaining pockets of air between the cold water and the body.

  • Surfing wetsuits hold many unique characteristics that differentiate them from freediving and spearfishing wetsuits. Surf wetsuits are typically much thinner and versatile in comparison to diving and spearfishing suits, especially in the shoulders. Theses wetsuits are also equipped with reinforced front and back plates to stop the airflow and make the ribs moist as you sit beyond the surface on your board.

The neoprene material in surf wetsuits is also changed from the neoprene used in other wetsuits and is generally of varying thicknesses on the same wetsuit. Surfing suits keep you warm by wrapping the body and neoprene through a dense stream of water.

Your blood warms up the water, and your wetsuit resists it from exiting and from reaching any further space. The specialized neoprene also acts extensively to trap the heat, so that a specific element of air temperature decreases considerably.

  • The diverse diameters such as 3mm, 5mm and 7mm are offered in free-diving and spearfishing categories. Surfing suits are usually thinner in density and can be multiple thicknesses i.e. 3mm arms and legs and 4mm around the torso. However, all the freediving, surfing and spearfishing wetsuits are designed specifically for keeping you warm in the water!

Should You buy a Regular or Tailored Spearfishing Wetsuit?

A tailored wetsuit can be a better choice, assuming that you have a little extra to invest if your needed size in regular wetsuits is not available how ever all our wetsuits have been designed to fit a range of body types.

If you are unsure of sizing it is always better to go a bit smaller as a tighter fit allow the neoprene to be more efficient and keep you warmer, here at Ninepin Wetsuits we have a straightforward return policy and will happily exchange if you require a different size.

Here at Ninepin we can help arrange a tailored wetsuit through our mates over at Oi wetsuit repairs where you can add utility pockets , besides personalizing shades and designs only.

Spearfishing Wetsuits

ninepin wetsuit ocean fish

It is highly off-putting and frantic to choose the “perfect” spearfishing wetsuit, they can be too stretchy, too slender, too stiff or have problems with sizes.

We understand this can be very problematic at times so after a lot of research we have designed these 4 wetsuits perfectly as per the requirements of all Spearfisherman and freedivers.

Run through the list, we hope you will love to buy not because we recommend but because they have been designed with durability, comfort, affordability and good looks in mind.

Absentia 3mm Wetsuit

Here at Ninepin we have designed a standard wetsuit that can serve as both freediving and spearfishing wetsuit. The inner neoprene open cell coating of the Absentia 3mm Wetsuit maintains the right balance of mobility, stability and comfort, which makes it a quality outfit that can serve best in a variety of environmental and temperature fluctuations.

While the external nylon coating in darkened black provides protection from deformation and extra insulation is used to enhance the reliability of the costume.

Perfect and quite suitable for freediving or spearfishing. These wetsuits are designed with minimal styling in mind, including subtle touches of branding to create a clean and effortless style in or out of the water.

The Absentia 3mm Wetsuit is available in the following sizes;

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Absentia 5mm Wetsuit

If you are sensitive to cold, this standard high-quality wetsuit designed by the ninepin team will be the right choice for you.

It will maintain your body temperature even at the coldest places with the perfect comfort and warmness. Using high waist cut pants on our Absentia range allows maximum flexibility in your upper body making it perfect to achieve maximum breath ups before your dive while keeping you warm as toast.

Absentia 5mm fine quality wetsuit is available for you in the following sizes.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Don’t forget to add it to your cart today.

Oceanum 3mm Wetsuit

This purpose-built no nonsense spearfishing wetsuit strikes the perfect balance between flexibility, durability and warmth, resulting in a product that can perform at the highest level in a variety of diving conditions. The external nylon lining in a unique camouflage pattern offers protection against abrasions with an extra 7mm on the chest loading pad and reinforced padding on the knees and elbows to further increase the durability of the wetsuit.

  • Extra small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Ocean 5mm Wetsuit

Like the 3mm this is a purpose-built no nonsense spearfishing wetsuit which strikes the perfect balance between flexibility, durability and warmth, resulting in a product that can perform at the highest level in a variety of diving conditions. With long john style pants (total of 10mm over the torso) this wetsuit will keep you warm in the coldest of waters.

  • Extra small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

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