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Dream it. Live it. Dive it.

Ninepin is an innovative freediving and spearfishing brand created in Australia with  New Zealand roots. Our objective is to see more people exploring the ocean and discovering their natural freediving flair.


Each Ninepin wetsuit is designed with durability, comfort, affordability and good looks in mind. Offering free delivery Australia wide.


Ninepin supports ocean conservation as we want to see our young ones continuing to learn and seek the wonders of the ocean.

The Ninepin name and logo comes from a pyramid shaped rock in the Bay of Islands New Zealand.

“As a child, I always wanted to go out further, dive deeper and explore more. To me, the Ninepin was the ultimate dive spot as it is the furthest rock visible from Paihia beach. I would stare out there dreaming of what might be lurking below and beyond the Ninepin. I have now been diving there many times and when I look at the Ninepin on the horizon it still excites me to go out and explore the ocean.”


Ninepin rock

What they're all saying.

As a sufferer of chronic neck pain and migraines i have struggled to find a suit that has allowed me to be comfortable in the water but also not leave me in pain mid way through a dive. Thankfully i was able to try one of ninepins 5mm suits over the weekend, at first i was sceptical as other 5mm suits i have worn i have found to be too restrictive and therefor uncomfortable but I can happily say that I was pleasantly surprised with the fit and flexibility of this suit. Ninepin suits offer the comfort and flexibility you need for freediving, I also found that they offer the warmth required for scuba diving, being in the water for over 4 hours over the weekend and not once feeling the cold or feeling any seams leak, proves to me these guys know what they are doing. Thankyou Ninepin for making the perfect suit!!


This is quite possibly the sweetest wetsuit in existence.Love it.

Benj B.Wet-dream-suit

Excellent, prompt, friendly, professional service for a great product!

Warwick N.What a suit!


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