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At Ninepin we have created a purpose-built no nonsense freediving and spearfishing wetsuit. The internal open cell neoprene strikes the perfect balance between flexibility, durability and warmth, resulting in a product that can perform at the highest level in a variety of diving conditions. The external nylon lining in dyed black offers protection against abrasions and the knees and elbows are reinforced with additional padding to further increase the durability of the wetsuit. These wetsuits are designed with minimal styling in mind, including subtle touches of branding to create a clean and effortless style in or out of the water.

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The Neoprene: We use an open cell interior Sheico L-Foam neoprene for this wetsuit as it offers the ideal properties for freediving and spearfishing.

Flexible: It is important that a freediving wetsuit is flexible as you need to be able to move freely and easily to conserve oxygen. The result of this is an increased bottom time to shoot the perfect photo, spear a fish for dinner, explore the ocean or simply enjoy the moment.

Comfortable: The neoprene has a soft feel against the skin and with an open cell interior the comfort is a level far above a standard lined diving wetsuit.

Warm as Toast: The L-Foam neoprene with open cell interior is perfect for diving over long periods. This is often required when spearfishing, freediving training or just exploring the sea for hours on end. Open cell means there is no lining on the inside of the wetsuit. The open cell neoprene forms tiny air pockets, these pockets form a suction seal against the skin resulting in very little water movement inside your wetsuit. By referring to the temperature chart you should be able to stay in the water for 4 – 8 hours.

Durable: We have tested this neoprene to depths of 40m to see how it performs under pressure. Some lower quality neoprenes can compress over repeated dives to depth. The Ninepin wetsuits performed very well and very little compression as witnessed over many dives. We have opted to include a lined nylon exterior. This protects against minor abrasions encountered on dives.

The Cut: The Ninepin wetsuits are designed to fit snug to the body and should be worn fitted. See our sizing guide for more details. The shoulders and arms of the wetsuit have a natural bend for a comfortable fit.

High Waisted Wetsuit Pants: We have opted for high waisted pants rather than long johns as through our freediving experience and research we have found high waist pants to be more comfortable. The high waisted pants have less restriction on the chest and abdomen when taking deep breaths required for freediving. They also have less restriction when streamlining with hands over head making this position more energy efficient, resulting in faster descents and ascents.

Chest Pad: This is an essential piece of a spearfishing wetsuit. We have added an additional layer of 3mm neoprene in the centre of the chest to provide padding for speargun loading.

The Look: The Ninepin freediving and spearfishing wetsuits are designed with minimalistic styling featuring subtle branding. The ninepin logo is printed in black with the orange triangle icon on the left wrist cuff and the left ankle. The chest pad also features a triangle print made up of subtle black triangles contrasted with one orange triangle to resemble the Ninepin logo and represent the Ninepin rock itself as a pyramid like formation standing alone in the Bay of Islands.


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12 reviews for Absentia 3MM Wetsuit

  1. Shule Going

    I have been using the Ninepin freediving wetsuits in both 3mm and 5mm over the last 18 months around Australia and New Zealand. I am really stoked with the quality of the wetsuits, in terms of the fit, the comfort and the warmth. From my 15 years freediving and spearfishng experience we have considered every detail of the wetsuit design to meet the needs of divers. In addition to this the Ninepin wetsuits are lower price than all of the spearfishing wetsuits I have used in the past, but with similar or better quality than all of these. In regards to fit I am 72kg and 172cm, I wear a size Small in the 3mm and 5mm wetsuits.

  2. Michael de Kooter

    I received the wetsuit very swiftly, first of all. Living in Spain and getting it all the way from Australia I did not expect to receive the parcel in just 3 days!
    Right, back to the suit itself. I purchased a 3mm for spring/autumn here, but to my surprise even with waters of 14c it kept me for up to about 1.5 hours with moderate activity levels. Such a pleasure to swim in wintery seas without being cold. And without being clumsy, because the suit for me was a world apart from a regular 6mm suit that I used before. I did not even notice I had it on when diving, swimming and moving about. Open cell was a new experience for me but I’m a convert now, that’s for sure! There is really nothing bad I can think of about the suit , except maybe for slightly spacious (material-wise) biceps area. I guess it does help in keeping excellent shoulder movement without feeling limited in any direction. Well, highly recommended…!!

  3. M Al Khalidi

    I just want to say it’s really very good , I used to use other brand but when i orderd this suit and DHL man came I really Surprised coz it’s light then thin not thick , I have 3mm other brand but it’s thick , heavy and no warranty .
    I strongly recommend for all.


  4. Hugh Gardner

    I’ve had a fair few wetsuits over the years but only recently got into freediving and after trying an open cell suit in egypt last year I felt the need to expand my wardrobe.
    I’m 192 cm and 100 kg so I always worry about buying anything online but a quick email later and I ordered the extra large. Suit arrived next day in rural Victoria. Unfortunately didn’t get to try it on for a few weeks but when I did it fit like a dream. So nice to swim in. Movements a breeze better even than the ridiculously expensive suit I tried in egypt but that could be down to sizing. Even to an untrained eye you can tell its well made too. Definitely recommend it. Thanks guys.

  5. Travis Campbell

    My first swim with the 3mm Ninepin Wetsuit was Amazing!
    We got in for a spearfish chasing a few Spanish Mackerel the suit was warm and super comfortable, easy to get into and the knee and elbow pads are durable and flexible, the load pad is perfect and the quality of the suit is flawless!
    We got in to the blue water to 20m vis and after an hour of spearing and a few fish later a mother and calf humpback whale cruised under us!
    I love the ocean and all its surprises, how it can make you feel so small but accepts you into its world!
    Get a Ninepin Wetsuit and you won’t regret it!

  6. Richard jason hartman

    This is a great suit, have used it in croatia, and slovenia, and pennsylvania. Service was amazing. Received the suit in 3 days. I would recommend the suit to anyone in the market.

  7. Lewis Jones

    My first impression of the 3mm Ninepin suit was that the neoprene is of a very high quality for the price of the suit. I teach freediving for a living and i have been through a lot of wetsuits. I’ve had suits that cost a lot more, made of neoprene that’s nowhere near as stretchy, comfy or warm as the Ninepin open cell neoprene. The suit is very well made and all the seams look pretty solid and up to the task of handling the abuse from me of being used both in the pool and the ocean for my own training, spearfishing and teaching courses. I’ve found the suit to be super comfy in the conditions here in Brisbane with temperatures ranging from 26 to 19 degrees. With the really quick delivery and great value for money you’d be nuts not to buy one if you’re looking for a new wetsuit for freediving or spearfishing.

  8. Jules C.

    This is my second suit from Ninepin, I now have the 5mm and 3mm which I absolutely love. Extremely comfortable. I also talked my friend into getting one and he is thrilled with his also. Great value for money too.

  9. Jorge L

    great, quick delivery and a quality product

  10. Regino

    At the beginning I was in doubt with two sizes and they help me to choose the rigth one. Fast delivery and good quality, now lets try it underwater! I am sure it will be great

  11. Michael R.

    Amazing product especially for the price, have compared it to other brands and you will not find better quality wetsuits at a price like this, i use it everytime i go out and absolutely love it! Highly recommend and actually have to all Spearfishing/Free diving facebook pages mid north coast NSW.

  12. Kewvin S

    Top quality,extremely well priced and super comfortable to wear,and service 2nd to none!I’ll admit I was sceptical about getting a small in the 5mm,but it fits like a glove!Definitely going to be a repeat buyer!

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